[2018] Expert Group Meeting on Sustainable Application of Waste to Energy in Asian Region

Thursday, 22 February 2018 - 11:00pm to Saturday, 24 February 2018 - 7:00am



Formal Opening

Facilitator: Okhyun Yang (Associate Policy Expert, UNOSD)

Opening Remarks:

Eunhae Jeong (Senior Development Management Expert, UNOSD)

Congratulatory Remarks:

Young-Mok Kim (Former President of Korean International Cooperation Agency)

  • Jong-In Dong (President of KAECE, Republic of Korea)
  • Geun Hee Lee (Director General, Climate and Environment Bureau, Busan Metropolitan City)

Objectives of the seminar: 

Eunhae Jeong (Senior Sustainable Management Expert, UNOSD)


Day 1 (February 22, 2018)

Session 1: (Setting the Scene) Sustainable Waste Management in the Context of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement

Facilitator:  Dr. Jurgen Vehlow (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) 

"Overview on waste and biowaste generation and their management status in Southeast Asian countries"

Dr. Somrat Kerdsuwan (King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand)

"Climate Change Challenges by the Paris Agreement and renewable energy application from waste"

Dr. Young-Soo Choi (Korea University, the Republic of Korea)

"Waste-biomass based biogas production and energy utilization to cope with climate change issue in Malaysia"

Dr.  Nasehir Khan Yahaya (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Malaysia) 


Session 2: Eco-Friendly Approaches towards Waste and Biomass-to-energy Conversion 

Facilitator: Mr. Dae-Won Park (Professor, Seoul National University of Technology) 

"Renewable energy application from waste and biomass: European case study"

Dr. Jurgen Vehlow (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

"Waste-to-energy Perspective and Energy Conversion Efficiency Analysis in Korea"

Dr. Jong-In Dong (Seoul National University, Korea)

"New and renewable energy application and its future in Thailand"

Ms. Sutthasini Glawgitigul (Scientist, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy, Thailand)

"Biomass Co-firing Studies for Commercial-Scale Application in Korea"

Dr. Won Yang (Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea)


Session 3 : Country Presentations 

Facilitator: Mr. Jin-Do Chung (Professor, Hoseo University, Korea)


  • Thailand:

Dr. Somrat Kerdsuwan (King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok)

  • Vietnam:

Dr. Nguyen Sy Linh (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment/ Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment)

  • Myanmar:

Dr. Hla Toe (Ministry of Education/ Pray University)

  • Malaysia:

Prof. Mohd Ali Hassan (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

  • Indonesia:

Dr. Fadjar Goembira (Andalas University)

  • Philippines:

Dr. Ofero Caparino (Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization)

  • Pakistan:

Mr. Wasim Udin Ghauri (Asian Institute for Environmental Research and Energy)

  • Korea:

Dr. Young-Sam Yoon (National Institute of Environmental Research)

  • China:

Prof. Yong Chi (Zhejiang University)

  • Japan:

Prof. Katsuya Kawamoto (Okayama University) 


Day 2 (February 23, 2018)

Session 4 : Technology Development and International Cooperation 

Facilitators: Mr. Mohd Ali Hassan (Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia) 

"Energy valorization and human health: Biomass-to-energy potential in Cuba"

Dr. Luc Hens (Frije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium)

"Green technology field application for coping with climate change issues"

Dr. Kyung-Nam Shin (Director, Center for Climate Technology Cooperation, Green Technology Center Korea, ROK)

"Fluidized Bed Combustion of MSW"

Dr. Yong Chi (Professor, College of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University, China)

"Bio-methane production and energy conversion by anerobic digestion of organic wastes"

Mr. Ki Hyung Lee (Korea Environment Corporation, Korea)

"Biogas from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) to Syngas for Sustainable Production of Chemicals/ Fuels" 

Prof. Yun Hin Taufiq-Yap (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia) 

"Waste-to-fuel conversion with advanced separation and treatment technologies"

Mr. HyunSoo Kim (ACI, Korea) 


Formal Closing

Session 5 : Conclusion 

Facilitators: Dr. Seong Seok Seo (TS Environmental Technolgy Institute, Korea) 

EGM Forum summary: 

Mr. Jong-In Dong (President, KAECE)

EGM Forum closing remark:

Ms. Eunhae Jeong (Senior Sustainable Mangement Expert, UNOSD)



Information Note

List of Participants



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