Spring 2022

Mr. Hyungkyu Won completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science and Economics at Yonsei University. Prior to joining UNOSD, he interned at UNDP's Seoul Policy Centre, studying Korea's green policies, e.g. sustainable forestry, and how lessons gleaned from Korea's experience may assist developing countries in their quest for similarly favorable outcomes. His main areas of interest include multilateral development cooperation, poverty alleviation, and aid work. Through his UNOSD internship he hopes to have a clearer understanding of the challenges faced by UN member states in implementing the 2030 Agenda, as well as of the workings of a truly global organization that is dedicated to building up states' capacities to develop in a resilient and sustainable manner.

Ms. Loamy Chica Pincay from Jama, Ecuador, has recently obtained her master’s degree on Development Policy from KDI School of Public Policy and Management with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Global Governance and Political Economy. She previously earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and has also completed an internship in the Embassy of Ecuador in Korea. She has been enthusiastically involved in activities led by youth. She most recently participated in the Global Youth Climate Challenge part of the P4G Summit, the Global Asia Leadership Forum, and the Seoul Youth Forum on Urban SDGs. Her main areas of interest correspond to environmental policy, green technologies, renewable energies and circular economy. As an intern in the UNOSD, she expects to gain experience in the policy-making field, and the role of governments and the private sector in implementing and adopting the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Ms. Jihae Hayley You graduated from King's College London with a BA (Hons) in International Development. She is interested in climate action and its importance in reducing social inequalities. Through the internship at the UNOSD, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of how development strategies can be effectively formulated and implemented.



Fall 2021

Ms. Sewong Hong graduated from the Yonsei University, where she studied English Language & Literature and Business. She is currently studying New Media Design at the Hanyang Cyber University. Her main areas of interest include sustainable design, environment, biodiversity and illustration. Her main strengths include art directing and communication skills. Through the internship at UNOSD, she expects to gain professional experience related to sustainable development.

Mrs. Edna Zapata-Oviedo is a completed-research student at Korea University, pursuing a MA in International Development and Cooperation. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University Externado of Colombia and has obtained the license to practice law in Colombia. As a lawyer by profession, she approached disputes involving environmental issues and human rights. She now strives to complement her legal perspective with further studies in International Development, Sustainable Development, and Global Environmental Politics. Through this internship, she longs to gain experience working in an international and multicultural context while acquiring knowledge on UNOSD’s advisory services from a country-driven approach, as a pathway to better assess the SDGs implementation in developing countries considering their needs. In the future, she expects to acquire deep knowledge on her areas of interest, which include the role of the private sector as key actor in implementing the SDGs, quantitative and qualitative policy analysis, and environmental issues.

Ms. Chinny Jin Cruz earned a master’s degree in Development Policy from the Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Trade and Industrial Policy. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. She has been working in the development sector since 2014 and has managed projects, events, and interventions that are geared towards poverty alleviation, financial literacy, youth participation, and women’s economic empowerment. Through the internship, she expects to actively participate in UNOSD’s capacity building and policy advisory programs as well as gain a deeper understanding of the various strategies to achieve the SDGs. As she transitions back into civil service, she aspires to contribute to accelerating the implementation of the SDGs in the Philippines with the knowledge and experiences that she has acquired.



Summer 2021

Ms. Carine Valarché is a graduate student at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), where she studies Green Business and Policy. She previously studied Human, Social and Political Science at the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate and has since hosted the Seoul Climate Energy Conference 2020, completed a research internship at Nihon University, and authored the Economics and Climate Change course for Climate Science. She most recently spoke at the P4G on behalf of the Global Youth Climate Challenge on the topic of youth-led waste reduction initiatives. Her main areas of interest include climate migration, decarbonisation of the energy grid, and e-mobility. Through the internship at the UNOSD, she expects to gain professional experience which will help her better understand the current and forecasted priorities of environmental policymakers.

Ms. Eunhee Shin is a graduate student at University College London, studying for a MSc in Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Development. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree from the University of Warwick in Global Sustainable Development and Sociology. The academic experience has given her a great passion for delivering sustainable urban development especially in the most deprived countries. She completed an internship at a research consulting firm in Korea, participating in bidding for public research projects and assisting research in the area of energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. As an intern at UNOSD, she expects to gain professional experience with the work of the United Nations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through cross-sector partnerships and collaborations.

Mr. Sangwoo Jeon is a first-year graduate student studying Sustainability Management at Columbia University in the City of New York. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sustainable Development at Columbia University as well. His experience working on Participatory Budgeting for environmental sustainability in the New York City Council helped broaden his perspective on social and environmental issues, leading him to study in the field of sustainability. In addition, by conducting field research on key environmental issues, such as limited natural freshwater resources, marine pollution, and desertification, in Jordan through the Earth Institute, he developed a greater interest in environmental sustainability issues in developing countries. Through this internship at UNOSD, he expects to promote sustainable development to people globally and help organize SDGs Youth Summer Camp in hopes to raise the youth’s awareness of the importance of implementing the SDGs.



Winter 2020

Ms. Hatyja Nuriyeva is a graduate student at the Law College of the Seoul National University, where she studies international regulations on climate change. She also conducted her undergraduate studies in international law at the Institute of International Relations in Turkmenistan. Persisting her interest in development policies, she continued academic preparation in the Republic of Korea at KDI School for Public Policy and Management, which is a premier institution for research and analysis of development studies and public policy. At KDI, she acquired an important knowledge in diverse areas of sustainable development and strategic management. Motivated by her interest to contribute to the growth of global society, she intends to participate in UNOSD projects on SDG implementation.

Ms. Sueyoon Lee recently earned her Master's degree in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she led different capacity-building initiatives for students and educators in dealing with the climate crisis. Her experience organizing a virtual conference as a founding member of the Harvard Student Climate Conference helped her understand the importance of convening different stakeholders to open up discussions on the Agenda 2030. She is also a co-author of a book that entails her efforts in partnering with students and the faculty to implement climate change education within the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Through the internship at UNOSD, she expects to gain professional experience in international development cooperation to further the global efforts to attain Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Minhyeop Park is a senior at the University of Utah Asia Campus pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. He has completed an internship at the PR/Marketing Center at the University of Utah Asia Campus prior to joining UNOSD. He also completed campaigns related to the SDGs as a team leader of the MOWA Community, including BLUE SKIES & NETZERO 2050 for the first UN international day of clean air for blue skies associating with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Arirang TV.

Ms. Yihyun Kwon graduated from the College of Humanities and Social Science at George Mason University with a BA in Global Affairs. Prior to joining UNOSD, she participated in several programs that opened her interest in sustainable development, which includes being a college mentor for the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) and a student fellow for the Center for Security Policy Studies (CSPS). Her current academic interests lie in the interconnection of international security policies and migration in East Asia. As an intern at UNOSD, Yihyun is highly interested in learning to navigate virtual cooperation during the time of a global pandemic. She also expects to gain a real-world understanding of how UN offices and agencies work with stakeholders in advancing the 2030 Agenda for the SDGs. 



Fall 2020

Mr. Mahmoud Alnajjar is currently studying development policy (focusing on sustainable development) with a Master’s degree from KDI School for Public Policy and Management in Republic of Korea. He also has a Master’s degree of Public Administration from Seoul National University. His previous experiences at Qatar Development Fund and The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) have allowed him to expand his perspectives of sustainable development and international development cooperation. Through the internship at UNOSD, he expects to gain more knowledge and skills for further contribution to the SDGs in the Middle East and rest of the world.

Ms. Suheun Lee is a graduate of environmental sciences and engineering, focusing on environmental policy. Her main areas of interest include quantitative and qualitative policy analysis, advisory and decision-making under the themes of environmental problems and sustainability issues. She has previously been a research assistant, studying the trend of geothermal energy in South Korea and sustainability assessment tools, and worked on the public perception of geothermal power plants in South Korea.



Spring 2020

Mr. Young Ho Kim recently graduated from Yonsei University with Masters of Global Affairs and Public Policy. He completed his undergraduate program in International Affairs at University of Colorado in 2015 and returned to Korea to serve in the Korean Army. His previous internships at the Ban Ki-moon Center for Sustainable Development, and the United Nations Global Compact Network Korea helped him to comprehend the importance of revitalizing partnerships and positive impact of cooperation among stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Through the internship at UNOSD, he expects to gain professional experience to prepare his career in the international organizations and to further contribute to the Agenda 2030.

Ms. Aru Chung from Seoul, Republic of Korea, is a recent graduate of Queen Mary School of Law, United Kingdom. Through the internship at UNOSD, Aru is excited to develop a deeper understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and its impact for all nations and its social segments. At a time of various crisis and pandemics like COVID-19, she realizes the need for global partnership at such important time, she hopes to contribute in the role of UNOSD in building the capacity of member states.





Fall 2019 

Ms. Jeongeun Kim was born and raised in Korea. She has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from Ewha Womans University. After graduation, she worked as an assistant for research on sustainable energy at the Low Carbon Energy System Laboratory and trained as a trainee in the International Weather Experts Training Program by Korea Meteorological Institute. Through these experiences, She wishes to become an international expert on the environment and work in the United Nations in the future. she plans to earn an MA and Ph.D. in field of environmental engineering to acquire further knowledge on sustainable development and international cooperation. She expects to learn and contribute to the implementing of sustainable development during her UNOSD internship.

Mr. Jong-ah Yun is a senior at Yonsei University. Studying economics as his major, he got interested in sustainable development when he took a course in freshman year. After then, he participated relevant activities-Eco Volunteer-and took further relevant courses-resource and environmental economics. He wishes to build a connection between the environment and economy through implementing adequate economic and environmental policies. He is especially into energy, cap and trade and carbon tax issues. His motive for the participation of internship was to promote proliferation of SDGs by knowledge sharing and policy research. Goal: Assist achieving SDG goals with realistic approach.



Summer 2019

Mr. Cristian Figueroa is from El Salvador, Central America, is an architect recently graduated with a Master Degree in Global Urban Policy from Chung-Ang University, South Korea. Previously to the UNOSD, for almost six years he focused on developing the capacities of local government through technical assistance and training to ensure sustainable local development at the Salvadorean Foundation for Development and Social Housing (FUNDASAL). This position gave him the opportunity to work with many municipal stakeholders, leading projects to strengthen sustainable housing and local governance. Through this role, he developed core expertise in capacity development, measuring training results, and how to effectively build knowledge and skills among policymakers. Through this opportunity at the UN, he is looking forward to contributing to strengthening national policy commitments for sustainable cities and communities. 

Mr. Hangyu Lee is in his final semester of the MA in Global Studies Program from Freiburg University. Hangyu, a writer who has written One-Day Trip in Korea, A Traveler's Day in Prague, and has held several photo exhibitions, has produced content in UNOSD so that the agenda of UNOSD can reach the public in the easiest language. He believes that the discourse of international organizations should eventually be part of the daily lives of many people. To practice one of the United Nations mottoes, "Leave no one behind", he tried to communicate with the public by creating the most intuitive and easy content at UNOSD. 

Ms. Hyejin Son has recently graduated from the Master's program in Global Risk at Johns Hopkins University SAIS. She has had an interest in the effects of sustainable development and the importance of good governance since her internship in KOICA that she dispatched to the Solomon Islands for 8 months; she participated in projects that help to facilitate best sustainable development solutions for forestry and fishery industries, major industries for economic development in the Islands. From the internship experience, she started studying for interdisciplinary implementation and management of sustainable development especially through the environmental policy. Her main goal through the UNOSD internship is to have wide-range experiences on the SDGs to understand the interconnection and mutual impacts of each goal. She wishes to work for environmentally vulnerable developing countries to enhance its economy without deteriorating the environment.

Ms. Ranhee Kim is currently studying International Development (Global Governance) with a Master’s degree from Kyunghee University. Before joining the internship at UNOSD, she attended COP23 as a youth delegate and worked at Korean Women’s Environmental Network as an intern. These experiences have allowed Ranhee to broaden her perspectives of sustainable development and develop an understanding of NGO and UN system. She is especially interested in climate change and Result-Based Project Management. After graduation with a deeper understanding of them, she hopes to contribute to Sustainable Development through her RBM expertise. Hence, her graduate thesis will be based on the Result-Based Management of Climate change projects with Gender equality perspectives.

Mr. Julius Westerhoff (To be updated)



Winter 2018


Ms. Paulien Denis from Belgium is an environmental engineer with a Master’s degree from KU Leuven University in Belgium. After graduating, she took an extra course on Global Environmental Politics and attended the COP24 in Katowice as a volunteer. After learning about all the inspiring work the UN is carrying out to attain the SDGs, she joined the UNOSD team with the motivation to support the most vulnerable countries in reaching these goals. During her internship, she especially hopes to help strengthen the capacities of those who need it most, with a focus on climate resilience, in order to leave no one behind in this rapidly changing world.

Ms. Minji Ryu is a Master’s candidate at Yonsei University studying Global Affairs and Public Policy. Before starting her Master, she worked in the private sector as a PR & Brand Marketing Assistant Manager. Promoting CSR activities, she was intrigued to develop her expertise in international development cooperation. Through conducting research and policy analysis and organizing the capacity development workshops at UNOSD, she seeks to enhance her knowledge in practical means for implementing sustainable development. Her academic interests lie in monitoring and evaluation of SDGs, social entrepreneurship, and public-private partnerships. She wishes to use her knowledge and skills to bring social impact.

Mr. Siddharth Srivastava is from India. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and recently finished his Master’s degree in Technology Governance from Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. Before Joining the internship at UNOSD, he was involved in the various sustainable development project.  Which includes, primarily, the government of India`s Rural Electrification Project as a technical officer and the development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan in Poland as a trainee. His interests are inclined towards the interaction of science, technology, and society for - innovative, inclusive, participatory and sustainable development.




Fall 2018


Ms.Manju Shakya from Kathmandu, Nepal is a recent graduate from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul. She did her MA in International Development Studies where her thesis was on women labor migration and its positive impact. Since she aspires to work for an international organization from the very beginning, interning at UNOSD, she expects to know more about the UN system and UN working environment which would be helpful to her career later at an international organization. She says, "Working in the United Nations is a dream and getting an opportunity to intern made me one step closer to fulfill my dream."

Ms. Andra Chow from Hong Kong, is currently a final year student, in the process of completing a BA in Criminology with concentrations in Forensic Studies at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Through her internship experience at UNOSD, Andra has gained strong interest and a deep understanding of Sustainable Development Goals and realized the importance of them to be met for all nations and for all segments of society. She believes that the youth's role in world-pressing sustainability issues will be imperative in years to come. Therefore, in the future, she wishes to continually devote herself to the field of sustainable development in the hope of contributing to the implementation of SDGs and making our planet a better place to live. She says, "UNOSD has given me an excellent starting point to working for sustainable development and I'm looking forward to seeing more youths to actively engage in this sphere and make a positive impact on today's world.

Ms. Olga Kim is from Urgench, Uzbekistan. She holds a BA in Political Science from the Incheon National University, where she majored in Political Science and International Relations with Business Administration as a minor. Her academic interest focuses on developmental policies as well as regional and multilateral cooperation which motivates her to continue her studies. As part of her focus area, she is looking forward to deepening her knowledge of sustainable development with its focus on poverty reduction. During her internship at UNOSD, she hopes to contribute to UNOSD's work in supporting the implementation of the SDGs.

Ms. Anne Nduta Gathoga from Kenya is in her final semester of the MA in Human Rights at Curtin University in Perth, Australia where she previously graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. As she pursues her passion, she is determined to make the world a place where these universal, inalienable, indivisible and interdependent rights are upheld and respected by all. Hence her interest in the UNOSD which is directly involved in the global nature of human rights issues that come with the advancement of a very current agenda: Agenda 2030. Development impacts people's everyday lives and during the internship, Anne hopes to further her understanding of Sustainable Development Goals while applying knowledge of the principles and concepts of Human rights.



Summer 2018

Ms. Yeonjae Kim is a senior at the State University of New York, Stony Brook majoring in TSM (Technological Systems Management) and specializing in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). She took a course related to Information and Communications Technology for Sustainable Development, where she got interested in SDG goals. Through this career support program internship, UNOSD, she expects to acquire further knowledge on sustainable development with a global perspective and hopes to contribute to the growing awareness of environmental sustainability especially from the emerging digital communication ecosystem perspectives.

Mr. Huiyong Kim is currently a senior at George Mason University majoring in Global Affairs specializing in Global Governance. In the future, he wishes to attend graduate school to study international security and development more in-depth. He is also interested in working at international organizations or research institutions in which many of his previous internship backgrounds come from. Through the career support program internship at UNOSD, he aims to expand his working experience in an international work environment, increase knowledge on sustainability and contribute to the promotion of sustainable development.

Mr. Soonmok Lee is currently enrolled at University at Buffalo's School of Management with a focus on Finance. His experience at the 6th International Military Sports Council World Games held in Mungyeong led him to develop strong interests in harmonizing economic, environmental, and social sustainability. During the 2-months internship in UNOSD, he looks forward to seeing and learning how the state members harmonize and deal in implementing the global agenda.



Fall 2017

Ms. Dajung Kim is currently at her last semester of master's program in Green Business and Policy from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). Before starting masters, based on her bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and business administration, she had 5 years of experience with the oil and gas industry as an engineer. She chose to move into more sustainable development and policy related careers to be able to assist the developing countries. Her interests are energy industry, long-term policy planning, green finance for infrastructure development, and knowledge sharing. During this internship program, she expects to utilize her skills and experience to countries and organizations in need.

Mr. Marcel Okorie was born and raised in Ghana. Marcel graduated in August 2017 from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul with a Masters in International Affairs. His graduate thesis was based on the effectiveness of foreign aid to the development of, especially sub-Saharan African countries. Coming from a developing country and garnering experiences through research on developmental topics, he hopes to further his career at an international organization that engages in development. He hopes to have a fruitful three months of internship and contribute effectively to the organization to achieve its goals.

Mr. Sascha Brumm is from Munich, Germany. With a growing interest in sustainability, he studied the M.Sc. Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey where he graduated in September 2017. Sascha looks forward to contributing to the internship with his experience in management consulting, entrepreneurship and the psychology of sustainable behavior as well as his focus on the environmental, economic and social impacts of animal agriculture. He is excited to further his knowledge of sustainable development on an international scale.

Ms. Rachida Benabbou is a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Design at the University of Seoul, Republic of Korea. She graduated as an Architect with a Masters degree in green architecture from the National School of Architecture in Morocco. Her interest focuses on the global issues of sustainability and how to integrate sustainable development goals in our cities and the surrounding living environment. She participated in various research projects in sustainable development related topics. Through this program, she hopes to have a deeper understanding of sustainability issues at an international scale and actively contribute to the organization.



Summer 2017

Ms. Jaryeong Kim is currently a senior at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Political Economy with a concentration in International Development. Among many realms in the development sphere, her growing interest in sustainable development encouraged her to join UNOSD. She is excited to contribute to UNOSD's work and the Sustainable Development Goals and learn more about how UN organizations operate.

Ms. Crystal Chow is a graduate from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Management Information System. Her research experience in technology innovation and renewable energy projects through the UNV program has deepened her understanding of SDGs and the UN's work nature. In the future, she would like to develop her career in social entrepreneurship to bridge the gaps in transforming societies through emerging technology innovations. She is excited to join UNOSD to learn how countries and various sectors collaborate to support the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Ms. Yunyoung Choi was born and lived in Korea. She studied Visual Communication Design at Inha University; double majoring in Business Administration. She has participated in youth-related educational activities at the university where she built her interest in sustainable development. She is particularly interested in Corporate Sustainability Management and long- term social planning in relation to her major and she wants to find a way to contribute to society. During the 3 months UNOSD internship, she hopes to gain knowledge on sustainable development and see how SDGs are being applied in the real world.



Spring 2017

Ms. Sohyun Kim was born and raised in Korea. Recently, she has graduated from a bachelor's program in Marine Science& Convergent technology and Civil & Environment technology at Hanyang University. By doing a double major, she could broaden her knowledge not only in the marine environment but also in water, atmosphere and waste area. When she attended IEETP (International Environment Expert Training program) hosted by the Ministry of Environment in the Republic of Korea, where she could acquire knowledge in relation to SDGs. Through which she realized the importance of SDGs and became interested in sustainable development. As an intern at UNOSD, she hopes to understand better of SDGs and contribute to sustainable development especially focused on water-related goals.

Mr. Chung Hyun (Patrick) Kim attends Ghent University-Global Campus and is planning on taking the Environmental Technologies path in his next endeavor. He hopes that with experience gained from the internship, as well as the knowledge gained from his degree, he can positively influence the world by being more environmentally conscious in everyday life and to promote the responsible use of Earth's limited resources. During the internship opportunity at UNOSD, Patrick seeks to improve his time management skills in a workplace environment, while contributing towards the goal of sustainable development worldwide with environmental consequences of human actions in mind.

Mr. Byungjun Chang was born in South Korea. He is currently taking a bachelor's degree in Technological System Management (TSM) in the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is mostly interested in history and national politics. His major deals with academic information in various social industries, and he has written research papers analyzing social problems in the environmental and construction industry. He has also taken specialization courses, like Computer Science (CS) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). His major goal during the UNOSD internship program is to contribute to the establishment of ethics and looking for solutions to environmental and poverty issues at the global level. During the internship program in UNOSD, he wishes to apply his academic knowledge to take part in SDGs.



Fall 2016


Mr. Malte Welling has recently graduated from the Master's Program in Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Before, he studied economics at the LMU Munich. Besides acquiring economic and statistical knowledge in his studies and as a research assistant in Munich, he deepened his understanding of sustainable development with interdisciplinary studies: In specialization classes, he learned about the inter-linkages between the economy, the environment, inequalities, and poverty. As an intern at a policy think tank in Berlin, he researched how sustainable policies in transport, energy and resource use can tackle challenges like climate change. At UNOSD, he hopes to contribute to the work for the Sustainable Development Agenda with this combination of economics and interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability.

Ms. Hyunji Lee was born and raised in Korea. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Management at Georg-August-University of Gottingen, Germany. Her academic specializations are Resource and Energy Management and Human Resource Management. She is especially interested in sustainable entrepreneurship, social enterprise, green economy and diversity management. During her Bachelor's program, she was involved in various sustainable and social business projects as a member for Enactus Group. As an intern at UNOSD, she hopes to contribute to sustainable development with her knowledge of management and passion in green business. She is looking forward to learning how UNOSD realizes the SDGs on national and sub-national levels and how people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds cooperate to achieve the SDGs.

Ms. Vedanti Kelkar is from India and she is trained as an architect from the University of Mumbai. Back home she worked with architectural, real estate and environmental firms on projects ranging from affordable housing, slum rehabilitation, and resource conservation through adaptive design for over four years. This helped her gather insight on diverse aspects of development projects across multiple platforms. Presently, she is enrolled in a Masters Program at the Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea. She majors in Landscape Architecture with a specialization in Urban Design and Planning. Her research focuses on investigating the impact of Green City Design criteria's on the urban form and the user experience of Eco-cities and their impact on the larger sustenance of urban communities. For this study, she undertook the case of the New Songdo city in South Korea and critically analyzed the efficiency of Transit Oriented and Mixed Use development. As an intern at UNOSD, she hopes to learn more about the SDGs focusing on sustainable cities and communities as well as understand more about the targets to build a resilient infrastructure to foster innovation through sustainable actions.



Summer 2016


Ms. Daniya Murtazina is from Kazakhstan with a Bachelor degree in Information Systems in Kazakhstan and currently in a Masters Program in Global e-Governance. Through a range of comprehensive courses, including Sustainable e-Business Seminar and Introduction to e-Governance, she has built strong passion towards e-Governance, MIS, e-commerce; and interest in solving problems such as digital gaps, formulating the Smart e-Government strategies and demand in smart, more mobile, personalize robust social safety net. She hopes to contribute to Sustainable development through her ICT expertise.

Mr. Jongwoo Moon is an MA candidate in International Relations and International Economics at Johns Hopkins SAIS. After his bachelor degree in Business Administration from Korea University, he participated in various research projects in sustainable development related topics, such as Climate change, Energy, and Economic transition, as a research assistant. Also, his internship at Ernst & Young in Climate Change and Sustainability team for six months helped him to realize the importance of three pillars of sustainable development. For the next two months, he hopes to see and learn how UNOSD facilitates the exchange of knowledge resources for supporting developing countries.

Ms. Yerin Yang is from Seoul, South Korea and is currently a senior at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire; double majoring in government and psychology with a special interest in international relations and social welfare policies She is academically interested in exploring how technological innovations in the environment complicates and aids our understanding of international affairs and sustainable development. Upon graduation, she hopes to work for an international NGO or a research institute. As a UNOSD intern, she hopes to gain literacy in sustainable development issues as well as a better understanding of how NGOs operate on a day-to-day basis.

Ms. Mi Rae Kim was born and raised in Korea. As a senior student in Stony Brook University majoring in TSM (Technological Systems Management) and specializing in ICT (Information and Communications Technologies, she joined the career exchange program. The diverse related courses with her major such as Technology Assessment, Sustainability, and Web design encouraged her to join UNOSD as an IT Assistant. Through the program, she hopes to earn a deeper understanding of development issues specifically on the field of sustainability and hopes to use her diverse academic IT knowledge.

Mr. Seongho Yun will earn his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies at Incheon National University in 2017. With an internship at Union Network International Asia Pacific Regional Organization (UNI APRO) in Singapore, he developed his interest in sustainable development based on fairer society. He also conducted ASEAN-related research entitled "What Impact does the ASEAN Economic Community have on Korea?" In his paper, he stressed the importance of inclusive and predictable society to achieve sustainable development in dealing with immigrant labor issues. He looks forward to contributing to the work of UNOSD through this career exchange program.



Spring 2016


Ms. Anna Rosa Vollmann is from Austria and is enrolled in the Masters Programme of Social and Human Ecology at the Institute of Social Ecology (IFF), which is part of the University of Klagenfurt, in Vienna. Her studies are about the relation and co-evolutionary development of society and the natural environment. For her bachelor degree, she studied international development specializing resource management and volunteered for six months in Ecuador. Anna Rosa believes that the cooperation between governments, international organizations, the private sector as well as civil society is crucial to implementing sustainable development and livable future for everyone. She is excited to work at the UNOSD and learn how to successfully promote sustainable development goals in various areas of society.

Ms. Eunyoung Park is finishing her master's degree in Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University in Germany, focusing on society, economy, and governance (SEG). She attained her undergraduate degree at Hankuk University of Foreign Languages in the Republic of Korea. To accumulate her career experience in the intercultural field, she has been working for various institutions and programs such as ELREC and the National Trust for Scotland. She is interested in cooperation among countries to achieve a balanced and sustainable future.

Mr. James Alexander joined the internship so he could develop his environmental policy and event organization skills by participating in the coordination of sustainability measures. He is completing a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne, specializing in environmental policy and economics. Topics of particular interest to him are climate change, natural resource policy (especially fisheries, forests, and energy) and biodiversity. He also holds a bachelor degree in Media and Communication and History. Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef ignited his interest in environmental issues, as well as a recent exchange semester in Paris during COP21. He hopes to found a conservation organization when he returns to Australia.

Mr. Max Friedrich was born and raised in Germany. In his time as a volunteer in Bolivia, he developed a keen interest in international politics and cooperation. For his undergraduate studies, Max visited the University of Groningen (Netherlands), where he received his Bachelor in International Relations and Philosophy. During this time, he developed a research interest in environmental politics, sustainable development and in particular, Climate Change. Max has experience in interning for the German Development Institute and Germanwatch, an NGO based in Bonn. For his future career, he hopes to contribute towards a just international climate policy and achieving a more sustainable way of living globally.



Winter 2015


Mr. Ji Ho Chang was born in Korea but spent the majority of his life in the United States. He earned a bachelor's degree in economics from New York University in 2012 and returned to Korea soon afterward to serve in the Republic of Korea Army. Ji Ho's enthusiasm for sustainable development stems from research interests in green economies, waste management systems, and the transportation sector as well as his current focus on global and population health as a Master's of Public Health and Master's of Healthcare Administration joint degree candidate at the University of Utah. Ji Ho is excited to join the UNOSD team during the adoption of the SDGs and hopes to apply sustainable development methodologies to both academic and professional pursuits in the future.

Ms. Franziska Weeger was born and raised in Germany. Studying "International Business and Technology" (Bachelor of Engineering), she became interested in sustainable economic processes. She spent one semester studying in Seoul at Konkuk University as an exchange student. Previously, Franziska worked as project manager for the German NGO "Technology without Borders" to implement a waste management system at a small hospital in a remote village in Nepal. While implementing the project, she experienced the difficulties for least developed countries to participate in the global economy and provide basic health and social services for its citizens. Franziska came to UNOSD in order to experience the institutionalized efforts of international organizations to support sustainable development in different parts of the world.

Ms. Jane Monica Tanmizi aspires to contribute to the sustainable development of Indonesia's environmental, economic and social structures. She aims to build social entrepreneurship that is worthy to become the future's exemplary business model on responsible capitalism. Prior to this internship, she has worked in the photography, real estate electronic commerce, food and beverage, medical tourism, event and fashion industries as part of the learning journey in preparation for her life's mission. Her time in UNOSD is her first step towards accumulating experience in the public sector. Jane was born in Indonesia and has been living in Singapore. She has an honors degree in real estate from the National University of Singapore.

Ms. Tina Tang is a final year BSc student majoring in Environmental Policy with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising at City University of Hong Kong (CityU). Before joining UNOSD, she was an exchange student at Hallym University in Korea conducted waste management policy research in the spring of 2015. Environmental problems affect everyone in all walks of life around the world and she considers saving our environment as everyone's responsibility. In accordance with her passion for environmental issues, she also worked for INCUT ESRC 2014. There she had the opportunity to attend an international meeting of academic researchers examining city response to climate change challenges at CityU. Joining UNOSD will allow her to team-up with people from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as develop management and strategic planning skills in sustainability.



Summer 2015


Mr. Tim Lecky was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and most recently worked in a media communications role with the State Government of Victoria while undertaking a Masters of Urban Planning and Environment at RMIT, Melbourne. Tim previously lived in Korea as an English teacher and believes this experience very much influenced his decision to study urban planning. Returning to Korea has provided an invaluable opportunity to apply urban planning principles to critical sustainable development issues through research and capacity development with the UNOSD. This experience has allowed Tim to develop a deeper understanding of the UN and inter-agency framework and the role of the UNOSD in facilitating the management and adoption of sustainable development goals. Tim will return to Melbourne to take up a new and exciting role as a transport planner.

Ms. Yoon Kim was born and raised in Korea. While majoring in humanities, Chinese Language and Literature at Dongguk University (Seoul), she realized that every individual is valuable and people are the most valuable assets in organizations. In particular, the one-year exchange student program to Peking University, China, encouraged her to pay attention to the improvement of human potential. These experiences guided her to enroll in the master's program in Education and Human Resource Development (EHRD) at Texas A&M University in the United States. She believes that educating human beings is the key to sustainable development and joined the UNOSD internship program to have a better understanding of capacity development. She hopes to use her diverse cultural experiences and academic knowledge to enhance the implementation of sustainable development goals.

Ms. Jade Seo Yoon Bae is a recent Bachelor of Media graduate majoring in public relations and advertising from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Combining her passion for child rights and international development, she has steadily developed an interest in the importance of championing for a sustainable future throughout her roles at UNICEF Australia, children's NGOs in India and others in the non-for-profit communications, marketing, and fundraising sectors. She is excited for the invaluable opportunity to work alongside UNOSD and hopes to meaningfully contribute to the adoption of holistic sustainable development practices worldwide.


Ms. Selmah Goldberg is a master's degree candidate at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Massachusetts, the USA focusing on international development and international business. She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Middlebury College. Before starting her graduate studies, her career in international education involved management of study abroad programs at various universities in the United States. Through the UNOSD internship, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the role of the UN in coordinating sustainability efforts across the Member States.

Ms. Theresa Kim has a bachelor degree in European Studies from Maastricht University, Netherlands. After her graduation, she did an internship in the field of sustainability and worked at a market research company. Ms. Kim has been involved in contemporary sustainability initiatives over the past few years and volunteered during her bachelor in the Green Office of her university. She hopes that the internship at UNOSD will help her to gain a better understanding of capacity development in developing countries and in this context learn about fair and sustainable resource use worldwide. Ms. Kim intends to pursue a master's degree in a topic related to environmental studies and sociology after this internship.

Ms. Constance Perret was born and raised in France and came to Korea after completing her undergraduate studies at ISIT, Translation and Interpretation school in Paris, where she studied French, English, and Spanish. She came to Korea in July 2014 to learn more about the Korean language and culture while studying at Sogang University and is now planning to apply to the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. During one of her internships, she worked in the Communication Department at Saint-Gobain in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she learned about sustainable habitat and became more interested in sustainable development issues. She hopes this internship at UNOSD can help her gain valuable experience and deepen her understanding of development policies so that she can participate in building and spreading the 'sustainable spirit' necessary to make the world a better place to live.

Ms. Deborah Kim is a dual MA candidate for Responsible Management at the University for Peace, and Sustainable Development at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Along with diverse experience in Latin America, the US, and Korea, her background extends across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Deborah is enthusiastic about behavioral principles of sustainability, with particular interests in the creative economy, social implications of ICTs, urban development, and well-being.



Spring 2015


Ms. Anne Stefanie Ruiz Sportmann is currently enrolled in the last semester of her Bachelor's degree in International Business with an academic minor in Human Resource Management. Having been born in Panama, Latin America, she moved to Germany at the age of 10, where she later enrolled in the ESB Business School in Reutlingen. One of her first internship experiences was her work at the UN World Food Program in Panama. She also worked for a renowned German coffee manufactory and in Germany's largest international skincare company - both of which are strongly dedicated to sustainable development. She spent her exchange semester in Seoul and readily decided to join UNOSD for her final internship. She wishes to continue her academic career with a Master's degree in NGO Management and Leadership.

Ms. Yoomin Lee is a Master's degree candidate in Global Development and Entrepreneurship at Handong Global University in South Korea. She was born and raised in Australia, completing her double Bachelor degree in Law/ Arts (International Studies) at the University of Technology, Sydney and upon completion of Practical Legal Training, was admitted as a solicitor in the State of NSW. For International Studies, she majored in French and spent one year at the Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, France as an exchange student. Her work experience includes working as a paralegal and interpreter/translator in Australia and as a native English teacher in South Korea. Her interest in sustainable development grew throughout her diverse academic and cultural exposure and is further rooted in her desire for justice, and a better world for all. Through the UNOSD Internship, she hopes to gain professional experience in an international organization and particularly research into the ongoing development of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ms. Inessa Tyan has a bachelor degree in International Relations from Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan. After graduation, she worked at travel agencies where she found deep interest in the tourism industry as it is an important sphere both in the economic and environmental area. While doing her Master degree in Tourism at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, she has paid great attention to the issue on sustainable tourism, smart tourism, the role of information technologies in the travel industry, and sustainable development. She hopes that this internship at UNOSD will contribute to her future researches on her areas of interest.

Mr. Udhara Weerasinghe is reading for a Master in Environment at the University of Melbourne, majoring and minoring in Climate change and Global warming; and Energy respectively. Furthermore, he is a recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Loughborough University in England. He is extremely passionate about the environment and sustainable holistic approach to development to reduce anthropogenic impacts on the planet. His past projects include; Sustainable water purification system for Devikulam, Tamil Nadu, Sustainable on-site detection platform for food pathogens, Flywheel Energy storage for large scale use, Environmental Impacts of Electricity Generation in Costa Rica and Colombia, Sustainable water supply to Port Harcourt Nigeria and Water resource adaptation to climate change. This internship would be an opportunity for him to work with industry leaders and gain invaluable experience in working at an international organization with like-minded people.



Fall 2014

https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/unosd/images/image18_749.jpgMr. Ryan Declan Tseng recently graduated from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Having founded the Sustainable Living Society at the university, he is passionate about learning and sharing the importance of sustainable development. His past projects include, "Inventory Management Tool to Reduce Domestic Waste", "Tidal Energy in Scotland" and an Engineers Without Borders project, "Emergency/Intermediate Water Treatment, Devikulam India". The internship at UNOSD will be an opportunity for him to team up with the like-minded individuals to promote sustainable development and gain valuable experience.

Ms. Anastasia Akimova from Ukraine is a Master's degree candidate in Public Policy at KDI School of Public Policy and Management in Seoul, Korea. She also has a Master's degree in International Economics from Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Her interest in public policy and sustainability is backed up by professional experience gained in Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency where she worked on boosting private sector growth and foreign investment attraction to Serbia. Internship in UNOSD is the next step in her career achievements in sustainable development and policy analysis.

Ms. Grace Eun Hye Choi is from Oregon. She graduated from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom, with a bachelor of economics in 2014. She is now a master's degree candidate in economics and international commerce. She is excited to deepen her understandings of economics and sustainability for the developing countries through the UNOSD internship. She also hopes to contribute as much as possible to UNOSD's work with her various international experiences from Canada, UK, and South Korea.

Ms. Andrea Jescia Aquilizan earned her Bachelor's degree in European Business Studies from the Ateneo de Manila University Manila, the Philippines in 2011. She has worked as a Programs Associate and English Instructor at an English language school for a year. With a passion to learn more about global issues, she pursued a Master's degree in International Development at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. Having finished her graduate studies in August 2014, she is looking forward to taking part in positive change globally through sustainable practices, development research, and socio-cultural projects.

Ms. Uzoamaka Unachukwu has professional work experience that spans across the private and non-profit sectors. This includes managing and implementing public health projects for rural women in a non-governmental organization and Credit Risk Management in one of Nigeria's leading commercial banks. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. She is now under the Master's degree in Development Policy Candidate at the KDI School of Public Policy in Seoul, Korea. She is passionate about sustainable development and brings to bear her hands-on varied professional experience garnered from Africa's largest economy, Nigeria. Her experience here at UNOSD will be a good platform to enrich her practical and theoretical experience in international development and kick start her career in the development sector.



Summer 2014

https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/unosd/images/image18_726.jpgMr. Maximilian Venhofen is currently enrolled in a Master`s degree in "Sustainable Marketing & Leadership" at the Fresenius University in Munich, Germany. He holds a Bachelor`s degree in International Development from the University of Vienna, Austria in 2013 where he was an exchange student to the USA for one year. He has experience in enhancing working conditions in developing countries through evaluation courses with UNIDO. He worked for one of Germany's largest fine food retailer with a leading role in sustainability. He also worked for a firm that helps to green arid areas in a sustainable way using seawater and renewable energy. After this, he has helped in building a start-up firm for sustainable city transportation in Vienna, Munich, and Passau (Germany). His internship at UNOSD will be another step in reaching his goal to improve global living standards in a self-sustained way.

https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/unosd/images/image18_723.jpgMs. Naru Kang is currently enrolled in a dual Master's degree program with the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in the Republic of Korea and the University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica. She is expecting to receive her Master's degree in Sustainable Development from HUFS (Republic of Korea). She holds an MA in Environmental Security and Governance from the UPEACE (Costa Rica) in 2014 and a BA in Czech-Slovak Studies with a minor in Business Administration from HUFS in 2012. With her passion for the field of sustainable development, she plans to research internationally on building more sustainable communities, taking into account the food system, social justice, and environment. Her other interests for research are exploring the social and economic dimensions of food, agriculture policy and global rice market along with the potential of transgenic crops (GMOs).

Ms. Cristhine Joy Villena is a Master's degree candidate in International Relations at Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Norway. She earned her Bachelor degree in International Environment and Development Studies in Norway and a Bachelor Degree in Customs Administration in the Philippines. She also did an exchange program in International Development at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England and joined a field course in Development and Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in Tanzania. Her interest in sustainable development is rooted in her various academic backgrounds combined with multicultural exposure which gives her the perspective of both the developing and developed countries. She hopes to become a researcher who can contribute to strategic planning and implementation in key development issues in water, food, peace-keeping, environment, social and other areas.



Spring 2014


Ms. Maria Teresita Soria Acosta joined the UNOSD internship programme in January 2014. She is a Master's Degree candidate in International Development at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea. Ms. Soria Acosta attained a Bachelor's Degree in International Business with a specialization in Marketing at Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico and studied at Aarhus University in Denmark as an exchange student in their Business School. By participating from the UNOSD internship she is looking forward to improving her knowledge on sustainability and overall the UN system.




Fall 2013


Ms. Natalya Tin is from Uzbekistan and joined the UNOSD internship programme in October 2013. She is a Master's degree candidate in Social Welfare at Ewha Woman's University. Natalya has worked for an American NGO in Uzbekistan where she built her interest in Social Welfare / Social Policies for Development and International Cooperation for Development. She participated in the implementation of various social projects within the framework of USAID and the World Bank. Natalya is very excited to participate in the internship with the UNOSD and is looking forward to new experience and learning opportunities through the internship programme.

Ms. Daphne Peres is from France and joined the UNOSD internship program in September 2013. She attained her undergraduate degree in applied economics at Paris Dauphine University and is currently a master's degree candidate in International economics and development. She has always been very interested in working for an international organization and is very excited to make her first step in this world with the UNOSD team.

Mr. Insoo Baek is a Master's degree candidate in Sustainable Development at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He has attained his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Soongsil University. He has diverse life experiences, serving military duty as Military Police at the US ARMY, volunteering work at Mother Teresa House in India and Kibbutz farm in Israel. He worked for Daewoo Engineering and Construction and participated in the oil project in Nigeria for 2 years. His main interest is sustainable development in African countries and he looks forward to furthering his knowledge and network in the field of sustainable development through the UNOSD internship.



Summer 2013


Ms. Jenna Choe is a Master's Degree candidate in Urban Planning and Policy at Rutgers University and earned her bachelor in Economics at SUNY at Stony Brook. She developed her interest in urban planning at the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency while working on various projects from affordable housing for low-income people to integrated mixed-use developments. With her firsthand experience with redevelopment planning, she realized that various elements, such as housing, education, public transit, health, and jobs must be considered to create sustainable and equitable cities through collaboration, transparency, and local partnerships. To further her interest in sustainability, she interned at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs at the New York Headquarters, assisting the interaction of nine major groups of society in the post Rio+20 process. Jenna's interest in the UNOSD internship comes from her desire to work with the challenges of sustainable development and environment management: poverty and hunger, food and energy crisis, shortage of jobs, and climate change. Specifically, she would like to learn how green jobs, social inclusion, energy, and food policies can be integrated to reach economic, environmental and social justice goals.

Mr. Peter Wehnert, from Germany, is a Master's degree candidate in International Business at HTW Dresden. He has attained his Bachelor's degree in Business Studies and is specializing in sustainability management. Studying and working in Korea, Australia and South Africa affirmed his deep interest in other cultures and environments. Mr. Wehnert is planning to devote his career making businesses more sustainable. As an intern with the UNOSD, he is looking forward to contributing to sustainable development and to deepen his knowledge in that field.

Ms. Na Yun Kang is a Master's degree candidate in International Development and Consulting at Kyung Hee University. Ms. Kang received her dual Bachelor's degree in International Area Studies and English from Handong University. With previous work experience in an NGO and broad research interests incorporates and academia's role in development, Na Yun is very passionate about coordinating diverse stakeholders in the field to achieve common goals. She is excited about this opportunity with the UNOSD as her areas of interest include, but not limited to, learning more about sustainable development related topics including health, green economy, deforestation, food security, and etc.



Spring 2013


Mr. Hyoung Woo Kim is a Master's Degree candidate in Technological Systems Management at Stony Brook University. Mr. Kim received his Bachelor's degree in Business Management. He has broad research interests in sustainable development related topics including green energy policy and water. At UNOSD, Mr. Kim envisions in-depth research studies to identify international society's needs, especially in economic, social and environmental affairs.

Ms. Jeesun Kim is currently enrolled in a dual Master's Program with the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in the Republic of Korea and the University for Peace in Costa Rica. She has attained her undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a post-graduate in Sustainable Development. With previous work experience in the Information Technology (IT) domain, her professional goal is to explore Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its contribution to sustainable development in economic, social and environmental affairs. Therefore, she is excited to build upon the UNOSD experience as an intern.

Ms. Amelia Rodriguez is from Colombia, currently participating in the UNOSD internship program. She is expecting her Master's degree from Ewha Woman's University in Development Cooperation. Ms. Amelia received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She worked for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) office in Colombia, where she actively participated in the development of projects and programs that aimed at promoting the development and improving the living conditions of the Colombian Society. Ms. Amelia looks forward to learning as well as contributing to the UNOSD work.

Ms. Abed-Stephen is from Toronto, Canada and joined the UNOSD internship programme as of January 2013. She obtained her Bachelor's degree, double majoring in Urban Studies as well as Kinesiology and Health Science. Recently, she also completed a post-graduate certificate program in International Project Management. With a professional history in fundraising for various well-known international NGOs, Biaina is very passionate about humanitarian causes. She is excited about this opportunity with the UNOSD as her areas of interest include, but not limited to, learning more about sustainable urban development and building inclusive, greener cities.



Fall 2012


Mr. Hae Woong Jung is a Master's Degree candidate in business administration at Sogang University in Korea. Mr. Jung received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Sogang University. He has broad research interests in sustainable development related topics including health, green economy, deforestation, food security, and etc. His vision in the profession is to help and identify international society's needs especially in economic, social and environmental affairs.

Ms. Manlai Erdembat is from Mongolia, currently participating in the UNOSD internship programme. She is expecting her Master's degree from Korea University in healthcare management and health policy. Ms. Erdembat received her Bachelor's degree from the Health Science University of Mongolia, achieving the title of Medical Doctor. She has previous experience in writing in scientific journals and delivering speeches about her research work at international conferences. Ms. Erdembat is an internationally-minded person and is multilingual in Mongolian, Russian, English and Korean language. Ms. Manlai looks forward to building upon the UNOSD experience and contribute to her country development.

Ms. Michelle Kim joined UNOSD in September 2012 as an Intern. She has attained her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Political Science, and a post-graduate in International Development Project Management from Canada. With her international experience in Nicaragua and Kazakhstan and her passion for social justice and development, she is excited to join the team at UNOSD.