[2020] Incheon International Mayors Forum


UNOSD will organize the Incheon International Mayors Forum from 17 to 20 June 2020 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. The main objective of the Incheon International Mayors Forum is to provide a platform for policy dialogue and knowledge sharing through presentations and discussions on key aspects related to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 11, at local level as a means to achieve a better understanding of successes, lessons and specific mechanisms and accelerate the in-depth transformation needed to make our societies inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. During recent surveys conducted by UNOSD to evaluate past fora, local representatives noted that policies and plans exist for sustainable development but lack financing locally to implement these. Another challenge cited was data to monitor progress on the Goals locally. Based on these findings, the Mayors Forum also aims to build the knowledge and skills of local leaders for financing and monitoring SDG implementation locally.

Mayors and other leaders of local governments from developing countries, including LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS6, and countries with economies in transition, representatives of developed countries and UN agencies, international experts and other stakeholders will discuss successes and challenges, policy options, programmes, practices, initiatives as well as actions undertaken at local level helping in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on Goal 11 and its interactions across the Goals. More specifically, the objectives of the International Mayors’ Forum are:

  • Knowledge and skills acquisition for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs at local level, especially on financing and monitoring local planning, and policymaking;
  • Enhancing participants’ understanding of the interlinkages between Goal 11 and other SDGs, and other international frameworks, such as the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework and the New Urban Agenda;
  • Expanding the network of mayors and other leaders of local governments working towards achievement of the SDGs at local level; and
  • Exchanging good practices and establishing peer-to-peer collaboration amongst mayors, local government leaders, experts and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of Goal 11 and other related SDGs at local level.


Programme (Preparatory Webinar Series)

UNOSD will organize a series of weekly webinars (on Thursday starting on 17 September 2020) to provide tools and knowledge on sustainable development in mid of COVID-19 situation to the Member States and partners. The webinars will consist of various topics featuring experts, stakeholders, and professionals on the related topics as speakers.This particular webinar series is organized in preparation of Incheon International Mayors Forum.





Supplementary Documents

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