[2014] 2nd Summer School on Sustainability Transition Policies and Practices


This course is designed on the backdrop of 25 years of impressive global efforts for transitions towards sustainable development. Such efforts have included the building of sustainable development (SD) knowledge and capacity for policy-makers in governments, notably by the United Nations, bilateral agencies and civil society. Yet, transitions are still happening much too slowly to address overstretched planetary boundaries and multifaceted social crises. Beyond the technical knowledge and skills of economic, social and environmental sustainability, there remains a debilitating gap in understanding how technical knowledge gets, or doesn’t get, deployed and scaled-up into national strategies, and implemented under concrete policies.

From this perspective, studying and overcoming the reasons for policy inertia has become a pressing agenda of its own. The UNOSD Summer School therefore endeavours to confront this gap by providing the evidence and skills for a more effective and accelerated implementation of sustainability policies and practices. Experienced SD experts and policy practitioners will teach the various modules of this course, and a certificate will be delivered by UNOSD upon satisfactory completion of the course and its evaluation component. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring some of their own case studies and/or open issues for discussion with pairs and instructors and for potential follow-up projects.





Formal Opening

Welcome Remarks:

Mr. Jong-Soo Yoon (Head of Office, UNOSD)


Day 1 (August 4, 2014)

Module 1: The Sustainable Development Agenda

Lecture 1: SD Agenda and challenges as of 2014 in the UN intergovernmental process

Dr. Sang In Kang (Senior Development Management Expert, UNOSD)

Dr. Alexandru Toma (Information Systems Expert, UNOSD)


Lecture 2: Monitoring and evaluation of SDGs and targets

Dr. Sang In Kang (Senior Development Management Expert, UNOSD)

Dr. Alexandru Toma (Information Systems Expert, UNOSD)


Day 2 (August 5, 2014)

Module 2: Policy Formulation

Lecture 3: Sustainability Policy-making

Mr. Thomas Hamlin (Inter-Regional Adviser, Energy and Transport, DSD, UN DESA)

Dr. Seung Hoon Lee (Deputy General Manager, Korea Environment Corporation)

Dr. Sang In Kang (Senior Development Management Expert, UNOSD)


Group Activity: Water and Energy in Green Economy/Growth Policy Mapping

Moderator:  Mr. Thomas Hamlin (Inter-Regional Adviser, Energy and Transport, DSD, UN DESA)


Day 3 (August 6, 2014)

Module 3: Sustainable Development Policies in Practical Applications: Sustainable Tourism and Urban Renewal

Lecture 4: Enhancing sustainability in tourist destinations

Dr. Ralph Wahnschafft (Senior Advisor, UNOSD)

Dr. Sang In Kang (Senior Development Management Expert, UNOSD)


Lecture 5 and Group Discussion: Urban Renewal and Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Moderator: Dr. Ralph Wahnschafft (Senior Advisor, UNOSD)


Day 4 (August 7, 2014)

Module 4: Policy Implementation

Lecture 6: Policy Tools

Mr Brendan Barrett (Academic Programme Officer, UNU Tokyo)

Mr Steven Burian (Assoc. Prof. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah)


Day 5 (August 8, 2014)

Module 5: the Case of the Republic of Korea

Dr. Hyun Woo Lee (Korea Environment Institute)

Dr. Choong-Ki Kim (Korea Environment Institute)


Formal Closing 

Closing Remarks



List of Participants



You can find the photos for 2014 summer school here PART 1 and PART 2.